Is my data secure?

Our website uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer), security protocol whenever it requests personal information such as credit card details.

SSL enables protection of your personal information by encrypting your information as it travels from you to our server, thus preventing disclosure to third parties, and also ensuring that this information is not read over the internet.

We ensure 256 bit encryption when information is communicated through domestic or export versions of Microsoft® and Netscape® web based browsers. This advanced 256 bit encryption is stronger and more secure than the older 128 bit encryption modes.

Almost all the web browsers in North America are export versions of Microsoft® & Netscape® web browsers which support 256 bit encryption. However if your browser does not support 256 bit encryption it is advisable to upgrade your browser by visiting the free upgrade section in the Netscape and Microsoft registered sites.

Apart from the SSL protection we ensure that under no circumstances will your personal information be revealed to third party sources. All credit card information will only be verified by a responsible employee of the respective financial organization before validating your purchase.