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about chamilia

 The Chamilia story isn’t just our story. It’s the story of women all over the world who share the belief that life is meant to be lived in the moment. That the perfect life is the one we live every day. That we live with all our heart.  Our charms and jewelry reflect this passion for living. 

Chamilia was founded in NYC in 2002 as a bead company, and since its purchase by Swarovski in 2013, has blossomed into a leading brand of charms and jewelry designed for women to accessorize with meaning.   

Love. Milestones. Passions. Relationships.Inspiration. 

Tell a story that is yours alone. 

As a Swarovski company, Chamilia is fortunate to be supported by quality experts around the world who help us deliver impeccably-crafted collections that last a lifetime and beyond. 

Our charms and jewelry are lovingly created with a blend of old-world techniques and cutting-edge technology. Using only the finest, heirloom-quality metals – solid .925 sterling silver and 14K gold – our dedicated teams create beautifully detailed jewelry almost entirely by hand. 

Accented with Swarovski Crystals and Zirconia –the finest in the world – they radiate with unsurpassed brilliance.

Silver Trends

Is a young and up-coming jewelry brand inspired by international jewelry trends around the globe.  From classic must have’s to glamorous statement pieces silver trends offers the perfect accessory matching all occasions and outfits of modern women.  The brand has built a reputation for offering premium quality in the tradition of true craftsmanship.
Discover desirable and stunning pieces of jewelry at affordable prices handmade in precious rhodium plated sterling silver.

Nikki Lissoni

We all have a hidden strength contained within our souls. It is this strength that drives us to do wondrous things. Remember that there are no limits to what you can achieve when you realize your inner strength and your inner beauty - the woman within. Celebrate your unique essence and share this with the world. Make a difference. Inspire others with your Nikki Lissoni jewellery. Follow your heart and Love Life. It is time to liberate your inner beauty and reveal what is unique and authentic about you.
All jewellery is crafted with care, passion, is infused with emotion and designed with an authentic meaning. Wear your Nikki Lissoni jewellery and mix the coins and charms that reflect your inner strength and values, things you care about or just love. For each individual woman there is the perfect piece of jewellery to express your own unique self. Find your individual strength and inner beauty, and share this with the world. Choose to live and love your life!


Young, trendy, female, fun, quality, classy, sophisticated, fashionable, positive and empowered.


With a large collection in necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings and earrings in a luxury radiation a strong brand is created which empowers woman across the world. All designed with the driving forces for love, fashion and creating high quality and detailed designs. The attention to detail, trend oriented, feminine and classy designs as well as handcrafted pieces in highest demand of product quality are the key characters of the Nikki Lissoni collection.
We continually develop our portfolio in keeping with our core values of affordable luxury, exceptional beauty and high quality.


Reflection Beads was created to give women the opportunity to express themselves with their jewelry. We encourage women to create fashionable jewelry designs that have a special meaning... jewelry that tells their story!  Reflection Beads features a jewelry system compatible with other leading brands of bead jewelry.  Our vast selection currently contains over 2000 high quality beads and charms at very  competitive prices.

Our extensive array of high quality sterling silver bali beads, hand-blown glass, Swarovski® crystal and Italian Murano glass beads make the ideal gift for any occasion.  For unique and personalized birthday gifts, choose from our wide selection of sterling silver letter, number or birthstone beads.  Our “From the Earth” category features a stunning selection of stone beads with many colors of coral, quartz, agate, magnasite and serpentine from which to choose.

Reflection Beads carries everything you need in order to create your own bead jewelry.  We Feature starter bracelets, necklaces, earrings and watches as well as connector beads, grippers, hinged clip beads, stoppers, spacers, dangle beads and security chains.    For the largest selection of diverse styles and the latest fashions, always look for Reflection Beads.


Since its foundation in 1930, CITIZEN has promoted a multi-cultural mindset that fosters excellence and creativity. The very name of the brand conveys a deep respect toward craftsmanship and considered as familiar by citizens the world-over. So as a “citizen” of the world, we bear the responsibility to help cultivate a culture of positive change and on-going evolution through our craft. We take that mission seriously and steadfastly welcome what the future may bring. As a true manufacture d’horlogerie, CITIZEN integrates a comprehensive manufacturing process from creating individual components to a watch’s final assembly. It’s an artisan’s approach to watch making based on pushing forward the boundaries of technology and leveraging our experience toward exploring new possibilities. One pivotal technological breakthrough was the development of a light-driven watch. CITIZEN pioneered this engineering innovation well ahead of other watch manufacturers as early as 1976, which led to the launch of the highly acclaimed Eco-Drive in 1995. Utilizing electrical power converted from virtually any light source, this extraordinary innovation changed forever the way watches could be powered. Eco-Drive eliminated the need to ever replace batteries, which made it especially beneficial to areas where such specialist batteries were not obtainable. This leveled the field for citizens of virtually every country to be able to experience unrestricted joy of wearing and using a CITIZEN watch. The product development policy, “The Fusion of Technology and Beauty,” remains a constant motivation for us to merge cutting-edge technology with perfection of design beauty, which as a consequence inspires people to strive to be their best at any time. CITIZEN launches a new campaign in collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy, Better Starts Now.  This is the simple belief that no matter who you are or what you do, it is always possible to make something better — and now is the time to start doing it.  We believe that better and now are both infinite, and that there is always a next ‘better’ and a new ‘now’ in which you can start pursuing it.  It was clear from the onset of this project that we are dedicated to this ideal…not to the past but to the present, and all the way we can improve it.  To help communicate this belief to the world we have created a new global CITIZEN brand movie, brand identity and brand website that represents out Better Starts Now philosophy. 






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